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Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell is happy to receive your questions and thoughts about your stay in Funäsfjälllen. We help you sew your journey together and make sure you have it as good as you can have it! If you have any other comments or suggestions, we would love to receive these as well.

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840 95 Funäsdalen


  • Mercedes-benz magazine

    "One of the ten most amazing hotels in the mountains!"

    Mentioned in Mercedes-Benz magazine as one of the ten most amazing hotels in the mountains!

    "Tasteful, luxurious, genuine - with genuine mountain feel. In Funäsdalen, this pearl with cross-country ski tracks is right outside the door. In the relaxation area there is a whirlpool, sauna and a cool outdoor pool."

  • Expressen

    "One of the most cozy hotels in the Swedish mountains"

    Tasteful, luxurious, genuine - with genuine mountain feel. IN Funäsdalen this gem with the cross-country ski tracks is right outside the door.

    In addition: two restaurants, sports bar, sauna and whirlpools. Christmas Eve is celebrated with Santa, traditional Christmas table and live Christmas music. New Year is being celebrated this year with a four-course supper consisting of, among other things, leeks, lobster soup and beef fillet, with the following nightclub.

Our History

1927 the doors were opened to Ericsson's guesthouse and at that time was the first guesthouse in Funäsdalen. The guesthouse was then built with an American building style, an architecture home to one of the brothers Eriksson. Emanuel or "Manne" as he was called had emigrated to Minnesota USA where he worked as a builder.

Almost 60 years later, 1984, then the boarding house burned down. The current owner, Lizzie Wickström, started the build-up already the same year, in the same place as the guest house had been previously. The building was clearly at record speed and only 11 months from the start, the doors were reopened and Eriksson's pension became Eriksgårdens Mountain Hotel.

1999 Magnus Ruhedorfer bought the hotel and started his business mainly with "Sigge sports" guests who came to the hotel by bus on Thursday night, they skied all day, ate dinner every night at the hotel and then went home again on Sunday. As the years went by, the hotel became more and more booked even during the weeks, many guests started to catch their eyes on what a fantastic skiing place Funäsdalen where and to meet the guests' needs and wishes, Magnus began planning for renovations and expansion.

2001 the first step in construction was started to become a mountain hotel where you could enjoy both activities and relaxation and it was then built into a spa for the hotel guests with whirlpool and sauna.

Sommaren 2008 the first spade was taken and the winter season in 2009 Magnus's big dream was fulfilled. A brand new a la carte restaurant opened the gates and Restaurant Eric's Kitchen & Bar was inaugurated. The restaurant was built with Eriksgårdens Mountain hotel which also meant major changes in all the back areas of the hotel. Even the nightclub got a major upgrade and got bigger than before. Now there were opportunities to host great artists, dance bands, major conferences and special events of various kinds.

2009 Eriks Villa was acquired and the hotel expanded with 8 rooms in the nearby building. Lizzie, the previous owner, lived for a long time in the apartment which is also located in Erik's Villa.

2010 the lobby was completely renovated to the cozy gathering place it is today. Here are paintings that span the seasons in the mountains painted by Funäsdalens artist Bengt Elis especially for the lobby of the hotel.

2012 the outside gets a new timber facade with pleasant lighting and a wonderful mountain feeling already appears when you park the car.

+2015 all hotel rooms are being renovated gradually with new bathrooms, furniture, paintings and beds. Everything to make guests feel at home in a hotel. The renovation of the rooms was carefully thought out to convey a warm mountain feel and good sleep. The kitchen also received a total renovation and was upgraded to a modern fresh restaurant kitchen. Here you can cook up to 70 hotel guests and 150 ala carte guests in one evening.

+2016 a total renovation of the hotel dining room was done in the same warm mountain style as the rooms. A brand new fireplace was installed so that hotel guests can enjoy the crackling fire at breakfast and dinner.

+2018 and now the largest extension is being implemented since the hotel was built after the fire. A brand new spa area and 6 family rooms are being built. The spa area is 250 sqm, has 3 different saunas, a hot tub and a regular pool. The construction of the spa took about 7 months from the first excavation. The family rooms will be ready for check-in winter 2019.

Welcome to us!

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