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reservation Policy

Conditions for accommodation on Eriksgårdens mountain hotels

When booking on the Internet, a booking confirmation is sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the customer at the time of booking. Upon check-in, the booking confirmation must be included and can be presented on request.

It is the guest's responsibility to check that the booking details on this confirmation are correct. If something is wrong or should something be changed, it is the guest's responsibility to contact Eriksgårdens Mountain hotel as soon as possible to change this. This can be done by phone: 0684-21006 or by e-mail: info@eriksgarden.se

Cancellation / rebooking

This can be done by phone: 0684-210 06 or by e-mail: info@eriksgarden.se, no later than 30 days before arrival (between 20 June - 18 December, a 7-day cancellation applies. If canceled after that or if the guest does not show up, none of the amount charged will be refunded to the guest.

Cancellation with cancellation protection

You can buy a cancellation protection at the time of booking. This means that you can cancel the booking up to and including three days before the agreed arrival for a cancellation fee of SEK 495, as well as the cost of the cancellation protection SEK 200 per person.

The condition for cancellation is that you or someone in your travel company meets one of the following criteria:

  • You have suffered an acute illness, accident or death
  • You have been summoned to the armed forces or civil defense
  • You have suffered significant damage through housing, fire, flood or similar serious incident.

You must be able to prove your obstacle with a certificate from e.g. doctor, authority or insurance company. The certificate must be received by us no later than one week after the cancellation date.


In the event of government restrictions regarding travel bans to Härjedalen, a refund of the amount paid will be made.


The guest pays for the time the room is booked, although check-in is not done. The price of the stay is charged to the guest's credit card / credit card.


The reception is staffed from 07.00:21.00 to 21.00:XNUMX. If check-in is after XNUMX PM, contact the hotel for information. Any comments and comments in the rooms must be communicated to the receptionist as soon as possible after check-in.

Responsibility for property

Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell has no strict responsibility for property stored in hotel rooms or on our premises. Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell HAS THE RIGHT TO NECESS ACCOMMODATE.

On Eriksgårdens Mountain hotels sleep and rest people at all hours of the day. Therefore, it is important that guests think of the other guests and do not talk loudly, scream or run in the corridors.

For this reason and for the safety of staff and guests, we reserve the right to refuse accommodation for you and your party. Reasons for our decision may be that: - your behavior and / or physical / mental condition disturbs or creates anxiety among the other guests - full payment for the accommodation can not be paid.

Force majeure

Strikes, lockouts, fires, explosions, wars or similar war conditions, significant limitations in deliveries or other circumstances beyond the supplier's control, warrant Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell to cancel the agreement without the obligation to pay damages.


Although every effort is made to ensure that information on our site is current and accurate, can Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell does not assume any responsibility for any losses that have arisen directly or indirectly as a result of the use of this information and / or our website.

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