Booking Conditions

When does my booking become binding?

It is the responsibility of the guest to check the confirmation, and to make sure that the arrival date and leaving date is correct. As soon as the registration fee (or the total amount) is paid, the booking becomes valid for the guest as well as for Eriksgården’s Mountain Hotel.


When should I pay?

You pay the amount that is invoiced. The payment is to be done to Eriksgården’s Mountain Hotel within the date that is shown on the invoice. The registration fee is 15% of the booking price, is to be paid within 7 days from the booking date. The final payment is to be paid 30 days before arrival, at the latest. If the booking is made later than 30 days before arrival, you will be charged full payment right away.

It is possible to add a cancellation insurance to the price of 200 SEK/adult, plus an additional service fee of 350 SEK . With this insurance you are able to cancel you booking up until 24 hours before arrival. It regards unforeseen events and is also valid for group- and school trips. If you need to change the name on the booking, it can be done with no extra cost. It regards deaths, illness or serious accidents that has affected you, your spouse, partner, family or fellow travellers. Conscription to armed forces or civil defense. Serious condition out of your control, which was not able to fore see when booking. The prevention has to be certified by for example a doctor, government, or insurance company. The certificate has to be provided to us one week after cancellation date, at the latest. If the cancellation is made without any valid cancellation insurance up until 30 days before agreed arrival, we will keep the registration fee. Cancellation made 30 days or later before agreed arrival date, is debited with full payment of the booking.


What happens if I do not pay on time?

If you do not pay the registration fee on time, your booking will be cancelled. Note that no reminder of payment will be sent to you. If you do not go through with the final payment of the booking, this counts as a cancellation from your part and you will have to pay the cancellation fees.


If I want to cancel my booking, what are the terms?

You can cancel you booking by emailing info@eriksgarden.se, or by snail mail to Eriksgården’s Mountain Hotel. Cancellations that are made elsewhere do not count. You are responsible for making sure that your cancellation has reached us. We confirm your cancellation by email. The cancellation has to be made 24 hours before our arrival, at the latest.


What are my rights?

If we do not provide rooms in the condition we promised, or at the right time, and we fail to offer you another similar alternative, you have the right to end the agreement and get a refund with deductions for what you already have had the possibility to utilise.


Our responsibilities as a hotel are to make sure that

You will get a written confirmation on the booking and that any bought services correspond with the description. We are not responsible for any promises our staff might have made directly to you without knowledge for the person in charge. You will be informed about all essential changes concerning the booking. You are free to dispose of the hotel room from 3 pm on your arrival date until 11 am on the day you are checking out, unless anything else has been confirmed.


What are my obligations as a traveller?

To take care of the hotel room and follow the hotels restrictions. You are responsible for all the damages that occur on the estate and its inventories if you or anyone in your company has been reckless. The hotel room may not be used for anything but what was agreed upon while booking. You may not let more people spend the night in your housing, than what was declared while booking. Violation against smoking- and pet prohibition is debited with a fee of 3000 SEK. The minimum age for at least one of the people in the company must be at least 18 years old.



Cleaning services, bed sheets and towels are provided by us, if nothing else is stated. Complaints of the room shall be presented as soon as possible, although no later than 5 pm the day after your arrival, so that Eriksgården’s Mountain Hotel have a chance to correct the problem.


Strikes and natural disasters

We have the right to withdraw from the booking agreement if the room cannot be offered due to labor market conflicts, long interruptions in the water- or energy supplies, fire or other similar events, as neither you nor Eriksgården’s Mountain Hotel can predict or affect.

We reserve ourselves for changes in the law, price changes and misprints that are out of our control.